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Master Classes of Ayurveda (MCA) & Ayurveda Detmold
brings ancient classical, traditional, authentic and pure divine knowledge

Satvika Nutrition & Vedic Life Coaching

Ayurveda knowledge for your own path

 Master Classes of Ayurveda Course for health, happiness and harmony of body, mind
and soul. This course is specifically designed for personal use in day-to-day life and
learning to achieve specific personal and/or professional skills and/or goal in day-to-day challenges of life and also for introducing pure Ayurveda wisdom.


MCA Ayurveda Course in English conducted by 
 (Acharya) Naveen Kumar Gupta*
Vaidya raja - Ayurved Acharya - Formerly * Prof. *
Dr. India B.A.M.S. Delhi University
at Volkwinstrasse 54; 32758 Detmold


Overview about Master Classes of Ayurveda Course in Detmold - 2018

Ayurvedic System is the most ancient system of Medicine known to the mankind. It emerged within the Vedic culture that arose on the foothills of Himalayas and further followed close
to banks of the great rivers of India.

There has been a surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine as people seek health and being well. Ayurveda recognises the uniqueness of the individual but also the oneness of all
creation and how this universal truth translates into human health on all levels. Ayurveda begins with evaluating the body dosha type and mind guna type of the person then further
on lifestyle counselling, Nutrition, Massages, Cleansing and Detox system (panchakarma), Herbs and Therapies that are used to bring about balance and harmony. 

With this background MCA Course is designed and conducted to combat fast food culture
and stress of modern lifestyles.

MCA Course overview

Part 1 - Satvika Ahaara
(Ayurveda Nutrition with Satvika kitchen)

Satvika Ahaara is a unique wisdom-based approach that promises a participant a successful and dynamic nutritional lifestyle with first-hand experience of the wisdom of Ayurvedic Nutrition, Ayurvedic Cuisine and different food combinations that empower health and digestion.

  • Introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Determine your own body type with Tridosha theory
  • Introduction to Dinacharya (daily schedule)
  • Satvika food, its ingredients and each and every detail
  • Sources and balance of the six tastes (shad rasa): sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent
  • Proper preparation of vegetarian proteins for their maintenance in the daily diet
  • Use of Ayurvedic herbs and spices to enhance the digestive process
  • Planning well balanced and nutritious meals 
  • Dietary articles, Herbs, Spices, Oils, Ghritas will be displayed at all times.

Part 2 - Satvika Achaara & Vichaara
(Vedic life- style & behavioural practices with pure & devotional Ayurveda)

In these sessions Acharya talks about God and You and Acharya presents the Vedic vision of Divinity in the universe and reveals the sanctity of life. It teaches one to revere nature as sacred and bring the principles of inter-relatedness with the universe and on the different stages of human development – physical, emotional and cognitive. The goal of human life and the purpose of human birth are presented while the means to achieve the goal is also elaborated as per Ayurveda Achara Samhita.

  • Introduction to Holistic- Integrated- Intutional Medicine 
  • Indian Mythology in Human Physiology
  • Introduction to Samskara – 16 rituals at 16 stages of life
  • Dinacharya’ - Appropriate patterning, or ritual conduct, is the foundation of a healthy life - Ayurveda for daily living
  • Daily Conduct promotes healthy organization of the energy channels and the seating of the Prana, the life force. You may want to fine-tune this practice for your constitution.
  • Introduction to Adhyatma –Mysticism, the secret learning of the ancients.

Dates of Total 5 sessions:

1st session on 09th and 10th March 2018 then the dates of rest of 4 sessions will be discussed with the participants. As an option 2nd session in May, 3rd session in July, 4th session in September and 5th and final session in Dec. 2018.

Schedule of fees: Euro 290.- per session. If you would like to pay one-time advance for all 5 sessions then we offer 10% discounts, in that case you pay Euro 1305.-

Timings: From 10.00 to 17.30 hours (lunch & tea breaks included)

MCA does not supply any syllabus for this course. However it is allowed to record the lessons by audio and/or vedio), also the books and titles in English and German languages will be recommended from time to time. MCA expects participants to be open to pure and divine aspects of Ayurveda.

MCA does not believe in a classroom structure known today by reading out a lecture. Acharya believes in delivery of lecture within carefully prepared outline as a list of highlight points and chart or diagram and then follows a flow when all participants dive, swim and fly according to their own pace and space and individual consciousness in the true, pure and authentic Ayurveda wisdom to be ready to adapt to this knowledge in their daily life.

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